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About Us

Who we are?

Fouress has come a long way since establishment, when the world was every bit challenging. Fouress efficient workforce with experience, versatility, innovation and an instinct to be service and customer oriented, with motivation & dedication strives to reach even greater heights of excellence.

Our human resources coupled with modern day infrastructure, can very adequately and satisfactorily provide customers, professional shipping and freight forwarding services in line with major international shipping and freight forwarding operations and NVO chains.

Fouress has the dynamism and team spirit appropriately blended with personalised attention and dedication to deliver under presing circumstances.

Our commitment to quality, service and technology as we concentrate all our considerable resources helps us to meet the “bringing the world to your door step” concept.

The aptitude of our management and marketing team can be assessed by the fact they have had the opportunity to work, service and handle at their erstwhile places of work, multinational lines, feeder operators and freight forwarders, NVO and agency chains to provide both the principles and customers a service anticipated from professionals.


Since its formation, Fouress has acheived enviable growth. This has been possible owing to hands-on-management and dedication of its workforce. Fouress upgrades quality of service though strenous and constant effort of its managment staff.

Innovation to meen the varied requirments of clients is the hallmark of Fouress. The company can cater for varied clientele because of it’s cast, relevant and authoritative experience. For every client, Fouress customizes its services to meet specific needs. Priority is given to the best and latest inexpensive option. The sucess of Fouress can largely to be attributed to the saving generated by it, for cleints, of the quality of services and personalized minute attention to every detail.